Five reasons to choose Zerorez ahead of your usual carpet and surface cleaning solution

We’re on a mission to clean spaces that set the stage for your best life.

Zerorez has arrived in the UK, and we're on a mission to clean spaces that set the stage for your best life.

There's something about having a genuinely clean home that simply makes you feel better. And it's never been more important to ensure the place you spend the majority of your time is clean, fresh, and hygienic.

From carpet and upholstery cleaning companies to off-the-shelf DIY solutions, there are many different ways to ensure the surfaces in your home stay in decent condition. However, many of these methods may actually lead to more dirt and grime accumulating over time - or not even being cleaned properly in the first place.

But Zerorez are Experts in the Science of Clean™. Here are five reasons why you should trust us the next time your carpets, upholstery, or virtually any surface in your home requires a truly effective clean like you've never experienced before.

1. Your carpets and surfaces will stay cleaner for longer

Traditional carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals that leave behind soapy residue which attracts more and more dirt over time. Far from providing the deep clean you're looking for, you will actually make the problem increasingly worse over time should you opt for these techniques.

With Zerorez, your carpets and surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Our Zr Process® uses Zr Water, an electrolysed cleaning fluid which breaks up grease, neutralises odours, and helps remove stains. The result is a thorough, longer-lasting clean that's free of soaps and harsh chemicals, and a freshly revived home.

2. It's safe for people, pets, and the planet

Since our unique Zr Water doesn't use any harsh chemical additives, all treated surfaces are perfectly safe for your family and pets to use, no matter how small they are.

The electrolysed and non-toxic Zr Water also removes any need to use potentially harmful soaps and detergents, making it a far more environmentally-friendly choice when deciding how best to get your surfaces clean.

3. Our methods result in much faster dry-times

Our unique approach to carpet and upholstery cleaning includes the use of our bespoke water control technology. The resulting faster dry times means all your meticulously treated surfaces will be safe and ready to use within hours.

This is in stark contrast to many traditional carpet cleaning methods which can leave your carpets drenched and out of use for days.

4. We have over 160,000 5-star reviews

Although we're new to the UK, we are immensely proud to have garnered over 160,000 5-star reviews in the US. A

And we're bringing the exact same culture, patented technologies, expertise, and impeccable customer service that has made Zerorez the No1 choice in America, to our operations here - meaning you can book your clean safe in the knowledge you'll benefit from the amazing Zerorez difference each and every time.

5. You'll always be pleased with our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee

From the outset we want to put you at ease, especially as you will be using us for the first time. So we guarantee the very best results for your clean. When we arrive, we'll clean a small area of carpet for you, and if you are not 100% satisfied with what you see, we'll leave with no questions unanswered - and no charge to you.

And if you are unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning after we've finished, we will gladly return to re-clean any areas you aren't happy with. That's our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee!

Ready to book your clean?

Once you experience The Zerorez Difference, you will wonder how your home ever coped without it. So if you're ready to give your home the clean it truly deserves, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts. They are ready to help you experience The Zerorez Difference.

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