Why calling Zerorez is the best solution for pet owners dealing with carpet messes

We are a nation of pet lovers: there are approximately 23 million cats and dogs kept as beloved pets in the UK

However, that love can quickly turn into a headache when your furry friend either has an accident on your carpets, or unwantedly brings some of the outdoors inside after a muddy walk.

Unaddressed pet mess can create a very unpleasant and unhealthy environment in your home. Whether it's a puppy's mishap, or an elderly cat leaving an unexpected surprise, all pet owners know the struggle of trying to keep their carpets and surfaces clean and odour-free.

If your pet hasn't been treating your carpet with as much care and affection as you would like, fear not - Zerorez is ready to come to your rescue!

Our comprehensive approach to remove pet odours and stains

Pet odour removal can be a tricky endeavour, especially when dealing with stubborn stains that may have been hidden and not handled properly. To make matters worse, off-the-shelf and DIY solutions rarely work - they typically only address the surface of the carpet, which merely covers up unpleasant smells temporarily.

The revolutionary Zerorez cleaning process, however, is designed to tackle both the surface and sub-surfaces of your carpets, effectively extracting even the deepest of pet stains and odours.

We achieve this by using our game-changing Zr Wand, which can obliterate even the most stubborn stains. However, for more significant problems, we employ a specialised sub-extraction procedure.

Our technology utilises Zr Water - an all-surface, non-toxic cleaner that's free of soaps, detergents, or any other harsh chemicals - to rinse and extract without leaving behind the sticky residue often associated with traditional cleaning methods. This means it's safe for everyone in the family, including your beloved pets.

The three levels of our pet treatments

Level I
Basic Bio Treatment

We successfully use this method to treat areas that have mild to moderate biological contamination. This method treats biological issues and odours contained in the surface area of the flooring or carpet fibres.

Level II
Advanced Bio Treatment

This is a deep saturation and extraction process that is used to treat moderate to severe biological issues. This service level is necessary if contamination has reached the carpet backing and/or carpet underlay.

Level III

This is a guaranteed method of treatment. The nature of some biological issues makes it impossible to guarantee treatment without replacement. Using this method, gripper rods, underlay and carpeting are replaced.

Find out more on the process on our pet odour treatment page.

Our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee has got you covered

If you're unsure about choosing us, our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee will put your mind at ease. It means that if you are unhappy with your cleaning for any reason, we'll gladly return to re-clean areas that didn't meet your satisfaction.

When it comes to keeping your carpets fresh and clean, especially in homes with pets, there's nobody else you should call. Our unique approach, non-toxic cleaning, and comprehensive treatment options make us the go-to solution for pet owners dealing with carpet messes.

With Zerorez, you can say goodbye to stubborn spots and enjoy pet snuggles without worrying about lingering smells!

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