Get £20 off a Zerorez clean to revive your home after the summer holidays

As the sun - or should that be clouds? - sets on another British summer, it's time to face the aftermath of hosting countless BBQs and inevitably messy adventures with the kids.

While the memories created during this always busy time of year are priceless, there is every chance your home may now be showing some signs of wear and tear - especially your worn-out carpets and furniture.

If this sounds familiar, fear not! Zerorez is here to freshen up and bring the sparkle back to your home.

Why your carpets need a deep clean after summer

Take a moment to consider the amount of foot traffic your home has likely endured during the summer months. From parties and barbecues, to damp pets and the kids' muddy shoes after a rainy day, your carpets have been through it all.

If your carpets could speak, they would probably be crying out for a revitalising cleansing session and some end-of-summer rejuvenation!

Give your carpets the jaw-dropping Zerorez treatment

Zerorez's game-changing carpet cleaning process extends way beyond conventional methods. For us it's not just about making things look clean, it's about ensuring they stay cleaner for longer.

Our secret weapon is Zr Water, an electrolysed cleaning fluid that works wonders on your carpets and surfaces. It's a powerful non-toxic solution that breaks down grease, neutralises odours, and tackles those stubborn stains.

The result? A deep and enduring clean that's completely free from the nasty soaps and harsh chemicals that other carpet cleaners use. So as you revel in the revived feel of your home, you can rest assured it's better for the environment and the whole family too.

And that's just one of the many reasons why you should choose Zerorez ahead of your usual carpet and surface cleaning solution.

Don't forget your rugs and upholstery!

Just like your carpets, area rugs and furniture would have endured plenty of dirt accumulation over the summer months. Dust and grime tend to dull the vibrant colours and intricate patterns of your beloved rugs and furniture, so make sure you let us work our magic on them too.

From the sofa that's seen its fair share of movie nights to the dining chairs that have seen countless family meals (and probably its fair share of spillages!), we can also give them a fresh lease of life along with your carpets.

Book your clean now and get £20 off

Best of all, you can now schedule your Zerorez cleaning session at any time that suits you and get a £20 discount by using the code LOVEZEROREZ.

So why wait any longer? Give your home the tender loving care it deserves after a long summer. And always remember that with a Zerorez clean, you're not just removing dirt - you're revitalising your spaces, ensuring they're fresh, clean, and ready to take on whatever adventures autumn brings.

Book your Zerorez clean today and let the transformation begin!

Ready to book your clean?

Once you experience the Zerorez difference, you will wonder how your home ever coped without it. So if you're ready to give your home the clean it truly deserves, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts. They are ready to help you experience the Zerorez difference.

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