Why you can always trust Zerorez to restore and revive your carpets

The power of Zerorez's renowned carpet and area rug cleaning services arrived in the UK back in June 2023.

In that short space of time, we have already established ourselves as the No1 choice for both residential and business customers looking for exemplary carpet cleaning solutions in their properties.

With a unique approach that leverages advanced technology and eco-friendly practices, we offer unparalleled service that ensures your carpets are not just clean, but truly revitalised.

However, despite our burgeoning reputation, we know many people may still be on the fence about having their carpets professionally cleaned. This could be because they are so used to just vacuuming, even though that isn't enough to keep them properly clean.

So with that in mind, here are six confidence-boosting reasons why you can always trust Zerorez to restore and revive your carpets.

1. Our revolutionary Zr Water technology

At the heart of our cutting-edge carpet cleaning process is our game-changing Zr Water technology. This is a powerful electrolysed and oxidised carpet cleaning solution that delivers deep cleaning - without any need for nasty chemicals, toxins, or detergents.

Even though it's completely soap-free (great news for those with any allergies or chemical sensitivities), it is still able to fully break down dirt and grime at a molecular level. This ensures a thorough clean deep into the carpet fibres that traditional methods simply can't match.

As an added bonus, it leaves zero residue (or Zerorez, as we like to call it!) behind - which can attract more dirt over time.

2. It's safe for people, pets, and the planet

As our innovative Zr Water solution avoids using any harsh chemicals, it's completely safe for the whole family - including your furry friends! So after a Zerorez clean, you can rest assured your home remains a safe haven for everyone, with carpets and surfaces free of any potentially harmful substances.

And because there are no toxins in our cleaning fluid, it's friendly to the environment too. So our unbreakable commitment to eco-friendly carpet cleaning not only benefits your home environment, but also contributes to the wellbeing of the planet.

3. All Zerorez technicians are trained to the utmost standards

All of our expert carpet cleaning technicians undergo rigorous training to master the Zerorez cleaning process and operate our advanced cleaning equipment effectively. With a deep understanding of carpet fibres and the best approaches to tackle stains, our technicians are ready to restore your carpets to their former glory.

And for extra peace of mind before they enter your premises, all Zerorez technicians are fully vetted and background checked too.

4. We take a comprehensive approach to carpet care

Unlike some other carpet cleaners, we appreciate that looking after your carpets is not a one-size-fits-all task.

Whether it's pet stains, high traffic wear, or spilled messes, every carpet has its own unique challenges. That's why your designated Zerorez technician will evaluate your carpet's specific issues and deploy a comprehensive cleaning strategy that not only cleans but also extends the life of your carpets.

5. Five-star verified Google Business reviews

"The team is polite, efficient and professional. Booking is easy and communication is clear and prompt. My carpet feels clean and fresh after Zerorez's service. I won't hesitate to recommend Zerorez for a carpet cleaning job."

"Zerorez are brilliant, we needed our sofa and some rugs done urgently and they shuffled things around to squeeze us in last minute. Good quality job and the price was reasonable too! Thank you so much."

These are just two of the dozens of verified five-star reviews on our Google Business Profile. You can read lots more on our Profile, or our recent reviews round-up.

6. Our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee

And if the above five points aren't reason enough, our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee should seal the deal!

We pride ourselves on delivering complete customer satisfaction every single time. Key to this is our Gotta-Love-It Guarantee: if you are unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning, we will gladly return to re-clean any areas you aren't happy with.

This is testament to the confidence we have in our services, giving you total peace of mind that choosing Zerorez is the right choice for you.

Ready to book your clean?

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